Sugardipity Signature Blends

Sylkey Scrubs is excited to introduce our new line of handcrafted Sugardipitiy sugar body scrubs - Signature Blends. We are swinging into summer with this new collection of scents, blending nostalgia with a fresh twist. The collection includes:

Orange Creame - A balanced blend of tangy orange and sweet vanilla. It will remind you of an ice cream treat on a warm summer evening.

Citrus Burst - Start your morning with this crisp, clean sugar body scrub. A blend of two summer favorites, lemon and lime...refreshing and invigorating.

Mint Fusion - This exhilarating scent is a delightful combination of eucalyptus and spearmint. Soothing your skin after a hot summer day while clearing your mind of the day's clutter.

Lavmonade - This irresistible scent combines the tartness of lemon and softness of lavender. A reminder of simpler times and neighborhood lemonade stands.